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Stones and Bones for Kids
1120 W. Avenue N. San Angelo, TX
(325) 555-5555
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History of Stones and Bones


Where History is Buried


Stones and Bones: Where History is Buried., was developed by The Friends of Fairmount in 2011. The goal is to introduce SAISD 5th grade students to the wealth of history, culture and memory captured within the boundaries of Fairmount Cemetery. They explore local, state, regional and national history using a historic community resource and artistic responses. At Fairmount Cemetery, history “comes alive” as students study famous men and women who once lived or are buried in San Angelo, Texas.

Stones and Bones is a two-day program. Day one is held at the school. FOF volunteers introduce 5th grade students to Fairmount Cemetery in an hour-long presentation. Listening activities and a slide show presentation of the history of memorialization, famous and infamous citizens of San Angelo, types of grave makers, the meaning of symbolism or words found on markers and cemetery etiquette. The basic photography skills of framing a subject, focusing, lighting and operating the camera are taught.

Day two is the field trip to Fairmount Cemetery. FOF volunteers lead a student-teacher tour introducing the history and highlights. The children are then divided into their three groups and rotate every 45 minutes through each activity with FOF volunteers. These are a tombstone rubbing, a Famous Folks Scavenger Hunt and a Photo Safari.

Geography, geology, orienteering, math, reading, art, photography and team building skills are utilized for all activities. Stones and Bones is also compliant with the Social Studies component of TASK.